Tech Tuesday: Microsoft Merging Phone and Win 8



Microsoft’s (MSFT) next version of the Windows operating system, codenamed Windows Blue, will reportedly help merge its PC and mobile platforms, according to Digitimes. Windows Blue is said to currently be in development separate from the Windows 8 and Windows Phone units. Microsoft’s overall goal is said to have the operating system compete with Google’s (GOOG) Android and Chrome platforms.

Windows Blue Merge Windows 8 Windows Phone

The company is reportedly worried about its manufacturing partners cooperating with Google on Chromebooks and rumored Android-based laptops. It won’t be that simple to merge the two platforms, however. Microsoft is expected to run into problems, like Google has, because of the time it takes to properly integrate many related technologies into one product.

The latest rumors suggest that Windows Blue will be announced in June for an October launch.

My Take: Merging mobile and desktop? Welcome to the 21 century, Microsoft. although your OS platforms leave something to be desired (Vista anyone? MS 7? MS8?) that crashes computers all over the land. I don’t know how many friends tell me that their Win 7 and Win 8 machines crashed, some program won’t work, bluetooth can’t be found and their wifi won’t find the signal.

I really hope Microsoft has tested and double tested merging their mobile platform and their desktop platforms. Now that they (more or less) run Nokia (who, exactly didn’t see that coming?) you’ve got a top rate hardware phone, don’t screw it up.  As a previous owner of the former flagship Nokia 9500 Communicator and a fun little Nokia stick phone, I was sorely disappointed when they folded.

Apple and Android have tested and retested their platforms and they do run smoothly, from mobile to desktop. I’ve got a Samsung Exhibit 4G and an Asus TF101 Transformer.  Their programs run seemlessly, which is great.

Good luck, Microsoft!

By Brick ONeil

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