Happy Humpday: Glass Church


Glass church in Gretna, Nebraska


Took this years ago when I was living in Omaha, Nebraska.  This is a famous, widely known glass church in Gretna, Nebraska.  Visitors, photographers and churchophiles (is that a word?) visit nearly year-round to take pictures, have weddings and so on.

While it is  a beautiful church, aesthetically pleasing, it does have function as well as form. Looking out from inside, you can see the ribs supporting the glass, there are religious icons sprinkled inside and out, a walkway with a river channeling through up into the church. So much imagery that it would take pages to describe it all. Plus, i’m not sure I would know all of it anyway.

We can take this as a lesson as well.  Do looks matter as much as we think and say? While one can look pleasant on the outside, what is that person like on the inside? Are they beautiful inside as well? What is supporting their ‘framework’? What imagery are they projecting?

What about you?What is your life based on? The golden rule or the 1980’s ‘me’ generation rule? Everyone out for themselves?  I prefer the old golden rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Or more plainly put: Treat others as you want to be treated. It makes your life simpler, de-stresses you and gives you an air of calm and peace.

Much like a glass church.