First Friday Free Recipe: Blueberry Pork Salad

From the Chapter Introduction for Pork in “Simple, Healthy, Fresh 1.0“:


I love cooking with Pork, being versatile it can be made into most any cuisine, from Asian, African, European and even American. Pork is great for long, simmering dishes as well as easy and quick breakfast pork steak and eggs.  You will find it becomes fork tender the longer it cooks and would be great in crock pot recipes, although I do not include any here, many of the stove top pork dishes could be made in a crock pot.


One of my favorite dishes is fried pork chops topped with onion, as you will read in the pages of the cookbook. The onion permeates the meat, adding flavor and moistness; be watchful when cooking, because pork does have a tendency to dry out when cooking.


Watch for sales on different cuts of pork at your grocery store!  The butcher will cycle sales every few months, which will give you time to buy in bulk, separate in freezer bags and store in your freezer. I buy pork chops, pork shoulder and other cheap cuts on sale and freeze in 2-person portions.  That way, they are easy to grab and create a dish for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Onto May’s Free recipe from “Simple, Healthy, Fresh1.0”:  Blueberry Pork Salad.  In this month’s free recipe, you actually get two recipes: How to prepare the pork and the blueberry dressing!

*Red leaf lettuce, red cabbage, Spinach, orange pepper, colby and breakfast pork steak with blueberry dressing.

*Makes a great lunch or dinner.


4 Pork Breakfast steaks (pork loin sliced thin from the butcher

1 package spinach

2 cups each red and green leaf lettuce

1 cup red cabbage, sliced thin

2 orange bell peppers sliced thin

4 oz block colby sliced thin and cubed


Blueberry Dressing


Sauté or lightly fry pork steaks in EVOO until done. Let cool.

Arrange a bed of 1/4 of the spinach on either lunch or appetizer plate.

Arrange 1/4 cup each red and green leaf lettuce on top.

Arrange Orange Bell Pepper strips facing the same way, clockwise around the plate.

Place 1 breakfast pork steak on top.

Place red cabbage strips clockwise around plate and drop 1 oz colby cubes around.


Blueberry Dressing:

4 oz sugar-free blueberry preserves, jam or jelly

2 oz balsamic vinegar


Dash Herbs de Provence or BOT

Mix in bowl and gently heat in microwave until preserves are melted and mixed.

Drizzle 1/4 of the dressing over each plate.

By Brick ONeil

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