Healthy Thursday: Exercise Apps or Not?


Everyone wants to get fit and healthy; Some, for health reasons, others to look better. Whatever your reason, more and more people are looking to their smartphones to guide them in their health and fitness goals.

Trainers and gyms can get expensive, having someone standing over you for an hour a day, or visiting dietitians and nutritionists weekly for advice.  Now you can find an application for most any health or fitness goal that you have in mind.

This website shows 63 best health and fitness applications, from March of 2012, THE 63 BEST HEALTH & FITNESS APPS.   On my little Samsung Exhibit 4G, i’ve had the Daniel Miller apps, I’ve used them for a year now and they do work, images shown in above graphic.

I’ve tried other apps that work, such as, which helps you track what you eat, calories, carbs, exercises.  Another I used was runkeeper,  which I used when i was jogging. This tracks you via maps and gps, showing mph/kph, distance, calories burned (this one really needs a phone that excellent battery life that the phone just sips, instead of gulps).  Another I’ve used is, which, simply enough, takes your blood pressure and rate via your phone’s camera.

Whatever your desire, there is a health, fitness or meal planning app to suit your needs.