Monday Book Review: Vegetarian (The Little Guides)


Vegetarian (The Little Guides), by Fog City Press

From the covers:

When cooking for your family and friends, you want to present food that’s as nourishing and attractive as possible. In this handy Little Guide, we show you, in words and pictures, just how to set about achieving this goal with vegetarian recipes that have all the color and flavor you could wish for. As you try out the recipes, you’ll be learning techniques that professional chefs use to make kitchen tasks easier, as well as what to look for when stocking your refrigerator and pantry with staples and fresh ingredients from the market.

Eating Vegetarian food doesn’t mean just cutting out meat. This invaluable guide will show you how to serve nutritionally balanced meals, improve your level of skill in the kitchen and make the whole process more fun.

  • A range of recipes suited to every occasion.
  • Background information on recipe ingredients.
  • Ingredient lists and clear, easy-to-follow methods.
  • Step-by-step instructions, with pictures.

My Take:

This Little Guide cookbook was also one of the first five or so cookbooks I bought after I received my Kidney Transplant, back in 2003. I had to re-learn how to eat healthy, buy and cook fresh fruits and vegetables.  The format is crystal clear, the writing is also crystal clear, none of the recipes are intimidating, nor are the ingredients difficult to find or substitute.

The recipes are healthy, good for you, low-carb and low-fat! Don’t forget tasty! I have made many recipes from this little gem and would encourage anyone to try a few. Some have a few more steps than others, but don’t let that discourage you.  The healthy recipes are flavorful, letting the natural flavors of the vegetables shine through.

What isn’t to love about this Little Guide? I liked it so much, I bought two more in the series, Soups and another, Low-Carb!

I give Vegetarian (The Little Guides) a 5-star rating.

By Brick ONeil

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