Monday Book Review: The Little Guides Low-Carb

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From the inside flap:

A low-carbohydrate diet is  designed to help you reduce weight without going hungry. By reducing your total carbohydrate intake and increasing your consumption of protein, the body stores fat less readily and burns it more quickly. Best of all, protein-rich foods tend to be more sustaining than carbohydrates, so they satisfy you for longer–which means you’re less likely to break your diet b y reaching for an unhealthy snack.

With attractive photographs and dozens of recipes from a variety of cuisines, the Little Guide to Low-Carb is a handy reference for a sustainable low-carbohydrate eating plan.

From the back cover:

A sensible low-carbohydrate eating plan aims to reduce weight while maintaining general good health. This book explains the principles of low-carb eating and provides more than 150 recipes from a range of cuisines.

  • *Which foods to include, limit and avoid
  • *Maintaining dietary balance
  • *Delicious, healthful recipes
  • *Glossary of ingredients

My take:

I bought this on a barbain/clearance sale at Borders years ago, afterall, eating a  sensible low-carb meal plan myself for decades, it’s always nice to see new recipes and preparation techniques, blending new foods and spices. This little gem is a keeper!  Besides, I love small cookbooks.

The ingredients can get expensive, because in this version of low-carb, they depend heavily on proteins, which can be prohibitively expensive.  With meats/proteins such as beef, lamb, seafood, ham, prosciutto, they can get expensive.  They also depend on a lot of expensive cheeses and fruits/vegetables like tomato, goat cheese, parmesan, ricotta, artichokes and so on.  The good news is they have a lot of recipes using inexpensive chicken, eggs, salads, so there are recipes for every budget.

Like the budgets, there are recipes for every level of cook, as in all the Little Guides cookbooks. Every recipe is within the grasp of every home cook, just prepare your list ahead of time, ensure all the ingredients are available, measuring spoons and cups, allot the time to get dinner done on time and you’ll be fine.

I would give Low-Carb 4 stars.

By Brick ONeil

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