Healthy Thursday: Mixing it Up

Getting your cardio in with your workout is essential to getting healthy, fit and feeling better about yourself. Many do the tried-and-true treadmill, grinding out mile after mile.  I know I did that for quite some time before I started using the other machines at the local gym.  The treadmill is easy to use, a gym staple for decades, helping people lose unwanted pounds.  For awhile I switched to the elliptical machine.

I really had enjoyed using the elliptical machine, as well.  The challenge was to keep your balance, while using both your arms and legs, pumping and climbing simultaneously. The weight dropped off and my waist was returning to a normal size again. However, I had developed knee problems out of the blue one day and could no longer use it.  So I went to my Doctor and she suggested using the exercycle. That helps my knees but the weight loss is slower.

Whatever you do, check with your health care professional and choose a cardio that is a best fit for your needs.  And don’t be afraid to switch machines and mix it up every few months.

Your body will thank you.