Monday Review: Magic Academy 2: mystery tower

Magic Academy 2: mystery tower


Product Description

Trouble is brewing in the world of magic: A priceless treatise has gone missing and if it falls into the wrong hands, a demon that was banished long ago could be summoned from exile… It’s up to you to start your investigation and find out who has been tempted by the ancient demon and has started negotiating with powers of darkness!

Magic Academy is a fascinating hidden object puzzle adventure game that mixes hidden object hunts with mini-games. It was developed by a team of professionals including: script writers, artists, and real-life wizards, who created a unique, magical setting. Together they created mysterious game play and the magical aura of Tirisfal Fortress and Magic Academy.

– Fantastic storyline
– Dynamic gameplay: hidden object searches and puzzles unlock the adventure
– Interactive spells
– Charmed mini-games
– Splendid graphics
– Magical soundtrack

My Review:Typical hidden object game, hunt-and-peck with unlimited hints available if you need them.   Just into a few chapters of the game, and the graphics are well-drawn, the characters are fairly one-dimensional but fun to interact with. The objects themselves are fairly easy to find and there are hints if you get stuck, shock comes in handy for the side games. Fun for a few minutes at a time.
The game crashed a  few timed during game play but when I rebooted my android tablet, it picked up where it left off, like some Alawar games. Since I’m hearing impaired, I cannot comment on the audio content. Great game to pass the time.

By Brick ONeil

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