1. Interesting. I love searching the web and finding stuff I posted on yahoo groups 12+ years ago. I’m skeptical that you can really get your stuff completely off. How do they deal with Google cache & the way back machine?

      1. I’ve used both to find stuff that went missing or to prove someone said something when they tried claiming the hadn’t so my 1st thought was “what about”… Since the last thing I want to do is delete everything related to my multiple personas I’m not going to look into it. But if someone wants to “delete themselves” they need to consider all the various ways their data has been cached by third parties… & hey if they’ve been quoted somewhere they are out of luck. Once you’ve gotten on the net you cannot have everything related to you removed. People have shared, copied, quoted, possibly made memes, done back-ups of their stuff that includes the above… I have every email ever sent to any yahoo group I’ve been on for 12+ years.

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