Healthy at Any Cost? When Enough is Enough.



Was reading an article on weight loss and weight maintenance, which I can’t find now.  The crux was, It’s easy to lose weight the first time but maintaining a weight loss forever is almost impossible.  To keep weight off, people must forever count and watch calories, carbs and/or fat grams PLUS exercise/workout for hours a day. That just isn’t realistic for a majority of people.  JUST to keep that fat off the body–It’s true, I can tell you from my experience. I lost a lot of weight, got down to 155 pounds and kept it off for years.

knee sleeve

The maintenance took 2-3 hours a day of hard, consistent, long,  grueling workouts, along with strict counting of calories, carbs and fat grams.  The weight did stay off but was it worth putting myself through the harsh, long, consistent workouts? They had detrimental effects on my body and I could not keep that pace up anymore. Very few people can. Those you see on reality shows must keep up that pace of food restrictions, counting calories and exercise programs must do for the rest of their lives. Maybe they can do it–myself and thousands of others are cheering them on.


Now I am trying to work through new health issues that the ‘healthy lifestyle’ caused. Runners knee, heart issues, seizures and the list just goes on.  I’m more sensible now and still eat a healthy diet (see my cookbooks on my website), still eating more of a mediterranean diet, though weight loss cannot be by food alone. I realize I’m a middle-aged man and my exercise lifestyle is geared more to that way than a twenty-something lives theirs. Kudos to those guys my age that are exercising like they are half our ages.  More power to them.  When these new issues are worked through, I will be happy to just be healthy.

By Brick ONeil

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