Tech Tuesday: Microsoft revamps Surface tablets to challenge Apple

Microsoft revamps Surface tablets to challenge Apple.

You build a crappy first line product, overcharge for an underperforming tablet. What’s the next logical step? Why, you build a second generation product that no one wants and no one asked for. 

What are these genuises thinking over at the Redmond campus? I echo my question from their first product launch of Surface: Is anyone doing any market research whatsoever over there? $400-600 for these things? They may be a bit faster with more whistles and bells, but no one is going to buy them.  I must admit, I admire their flying in the face of reason. This will be their, what, 6th or 7th failure in a row? The only way I would get one is if I won it in a contest. I’m still using a 7 year old TC1100.

To paraphrase from the article: They are a bit faster and equal to the ipad line, but who is going to buy this thing? Seriously? Oh, there will be the MS fanbois and fangirls, but I think too many people have been burned by microsoft and their lines of overpriced and underperforming sparkly bits of trade.

By Brick ONeil

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