Monday Review: Ultimate 4 Ingredient Diabetic Cookbook

From the book:

With only four ingredients you will spend less time shopping and less time in the kitchen.  This cookbook is not just for individuals with diabetes, but for anyone seeking a healthier way of eating.  Emphasis is on fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats and low-fat milk products.  Each recipe has a “”Nutrition Facts”” label similar to the one found on food products so you can monitor your carbohydrate and sugar intake.

My Take:

Bought this in the clearance section of another bookstore for 50% off, having eyed it for quite a long time. I have another 4 Ingredient cookbook (by another publisher/author) and the recipes are simple enough for the average hungry person but a little healthier, using low-sugar and low-salt ingredients. They use more canned and bottled ingredients than I normally would but these recipes are really for those in a hurry, such as busy Dads, Moms, single people with multiple jobs, etc.

There is a wide range of chapters, appetizers, salads, vegetables, soups, mains, desserts that are not overly complicated–they are much like the recipes found in 50s and 60s dump-and-forget-it foodstuffs. I would not recommend eating a full time diet of these recipes, but in a pinch, they are ok. The ingredients are not difficult to find, for the most part, although the low-carb and low-salt canned goods may be in short supply for smaller markets.

The author starts the book talking about diabetes, hints, tips and suggestions, which are welcome for those unfamiliar about the disease and those with diabetes. If you are diabetic, I would recommend talking to a nutritionist or dietician about these recipes, foods you can/cannot have instead of solely depending on this book.

I would give this cookbook 3 1/2 stars.

By Brick ONeil

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