Tech Tuesday: Facebook Blackballs Social Fixer

I use facebook as my primary social network focus, where I can contact people directly for my Novels, Cookbooks, website and so forth. I can also read news, commentary, chat with friends.  What I don’t like is the way their algorithm forces me to see specific posts and/or ‘top stories’ by default.  I don’t like being forced to change the default view to ‘more recent’.

Enter Social Fixer.  One of the key features I like is it forces FB to change the default view to ‘more recent’. Social Fixer also allows you to change your wallpaper (I like the dark ones, easier on the eyes).  SF offers many many features so you can ‘fix’ it exactly the way you want to view.

Now FB has forced the SF developer to remove key features, rendering it useless. This is unfair and in no way is detrimental to FB’s bottom line. They are just power hungry. Here is the developer’s post about the facebook fiasco–I would recommend contacting facebook and asking WTF?