Breaking up with the Gym



Several years have passed since I last stepped foot into the local Y, yet i’m paying for a  monthly membership on the premise that “I’ll soon be healthy enough to go back to the gym.”

If you’ve been following me for any length of time here and on facebook ( you know that I have a lot of health issues that have kept me from exercising. I’ve previously shared what I’m dealing with, such as four or five different heart issues, renal failure, kidney transplant, umbilical hernias, fistulas from dialysis,  lack of energy/stamina from the former issues, I have seizure and balance disorders to name just a handful of what i’m dealing with, health-wise. I would really hate to have a seizure and fall on some 6’4″ muscle head and get beat up. I don’t need any additional health issues, I have enough to deal with.

I’m at the point in my health that I can no longer use the machines like I once did. I don’t have the balance for the weights or circuit machines, nor can I balance enough to use the treadmill and forget about coordination to use the elliptical machines. I did enjoy using the circuit machines and would like to have some sort of machine at home that mimics them, sort of an all-in-one, but finances being what they are…

Then there is the gym/Y itself–it’s overcrowded the few times I have gone the past few years. People don’t wipe down the machines, they are rude-women are especially bad at gym etiquette. Or maybe it’s just my gym.  At any rate, people are lined up to use the machines, they don’t reset them. I spent more time waiting to use a machine than actually use it.

I’ve been through a lot of physical therapy over the years for knee injuries, foot/ankle injuries, heart issues and so forth, so I do a lot of kinetic or isometric exercises.  There is a group of apps that incorporate alot of the exercises that physical therapists have shown me in the ‘daily workout apps’ by Daniel Miller (or they used to be).  I love walking and sometimes need a cane in case my balance fails me or I have a seizure along the way.

Lastly, I can use the gym membership fee towards something else: rent, food for the table, saving for new cheap hearing aids or finally getting some dental work done. I could repair a favorite suitcase in the closet, the list is endless.

So, I think it is time to finally cancel that gym membership.

Breaking up is so hard to do.