Cookbook Promotion Giveaway!


In honor of publishing my cookbook, Ultimate Simple Heathy Fresh Cookbook, I’m hosting a giveaway!

While I’m not requiring purchase with entry,  I would at least hope you look at the cookbook’s page on the website (listed 4th under the ‘simple healthy fresh’ menu on left side of the page).

The prizes are 1st: My cookbook; 2nd: YakPak Spring Tote (pink vinyl type with owls); 3rd: yakpak iphone  cover.

To Enter, put email address in comments, you can say what your favorite low-carb, low-salt recipe is as well, if you feel so inclined. The contest will be open for one month, until March 10th, and limited to North America.  One entry per person for contest, winner chosen by random number generator attached to comment with email address.

If there are no entries by the end of the contest, March 10th, the items will be donated to a local Women’s Shelter.

Enjoy & Healthy Eating!