Dr. Ordered Gym Time



Seems I was premature on wanting to cancel the Gym membership at the Y.

Saw the new cardiologist yesterday, very professional, said my heart looked good, ordered nine months of Cardiac Rehabilitation and said continuing working out at the Y would be ‘beneficial’.

So, I’ll be starting the rehab soon, I suppose I’ll just have one of those decontamination spray bottles with me at the gym.

What has your Doctor prescribed after your Stent/Heart intervention?

By Brick ONeil

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  1. Brick,
    I didn’t have a Stent/Heart intervention so can’t help you out here..sorry..which I did have answers for you….but alas, I do not..
    Sounds like you’ve gotten a good Dr. there..

  2. Brick,
    Unless you were thinking of hubby who had stent put in in 09 as it was there at Mpls VA I ended up telling him of my news that I had breast cancer.. he was being such a pain in the butt and I ended up doing bedpan duty there ….help wasn’t the best…no one would come…enough of that story tho…even if I could write a book on it..lol
    He doesn’t remember any special things he was told to do…DO know he needs more exercise as Dr. says his slow acting insulin just may not be enough as blood sugars are very high…so trying my best to make diet meals…he is a meat and potatoes man…does have neuropathy in leg and both feet that at times drive him nuts and legs get weak on him..Good ole agent Orange..

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