Monday Book Review: The Eden Project

The Eden Project by John Bolin

Book Description

Publication Date: April 1, 2010
Deep in the Amazon jungle, a mysterious virus threatens all of humanity. When an ex-Army Ranger and a beautiful anthropologist team-up to find a cure, science and faith collide in an epic struggle for survival.SYNOPSIS:
Anthropologist Alex Forsythe spent three years studying a remote tribe in the Amazon jungle when they mysteriously vanished without a trace. Months later, a teenage girl from the tribe turns up babbling about a horrifying place her people had been taken. The girl’s body is ravaged by a strange malady, and blood tests reveal an unknown, lethal pathogen. Alex realizes she must find the source of the outbreak if there is to be any hope of a cure.

Nearby, former Army Ranger Peter Zachary leads a small team into the jungle to film a reality show created to explore and explain paranormal phenomena. When Alex and Peter’s paths cross and they join forces, they face the most dangerous adversary they’ve ever encountered—and a technology that threatens the future of humanity. Faith and science collide as Peter and Alex discover the dark secret at the heart of The Eden Project.

My Take:

John Bolin’s description in the Amazon Kindle Store caught my attention in the first sentence. I got the ebook when it was free and I’m so glad I did.

Bolin’s tale, in The Eden Project, had me riveted from the first page. He knows how to use time and place as characters themselves.  His descriptions of the jungle, alive and threatening, is nothing short of talented.  Not many writers are able to make a place feel like a member of a team like Bolin does.  Does it help the plot? You bet.

His characters can be a bit one-dimensional, the over-the-top-testosterone ex-military-super-macho guys can be a bit dull, but they work in this setting. They bring an odd girl back to the jungle from where she escaped, frightened but willing to help out. Bolin does a good job explaining what drives the girl, even when she doesn’t understand herself why she is going back to the very place she escaped.

I would recommend The Eden Project to those that enjoy adventure fiction, science based fiction and a bit of mystery.

Bolin’s book deserves 4.5 stars

By Brick ONeil

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