Monday Book Review: Hidden Doors Secret Rooms

HIDDEN DOORS, SECRET ROOMS [Kindle Edition] by Jamie Eubanks

Book Description

Publication Date: March 10, 2013
Jillian Braedon possesses a secret so explosive that she must be silenced. On the run with her five-year-old daughter, stranded in the middle of a blizzard and critically injured, Jill sends little Valerie off into the raging storm alone. The child stumbles onto the property of retired musician-turned-recluse, John Mills, begging for help. John soon finds himself caught up in their torment, and face-to-face with the pursuing covert agents, who will do anything to destroy the secret, and silence everyone involved.

My Take:

Could not get into the book at all, not really my genre, the description read like a Mystery but it is more Science Fiction/Science Fantasy.  Jamie creates such an over-the-top main character in John Mills, I was beginning to wonder when he would be bouncing bullets off his chest, bending steel with his hands and breaking stone with his forehead. On the other hand is Jill, a modern day Methuselah with apparent powers that defy modern medicine and physics. Just unrealistic characters in a landscape that reads like it is on one of Earth’s poles.

Jamie is a creative enough writer to draw me in with marvelous landscape descriptions, a bit of paranormal to want me to keep reading but lost me at the superhuman-ness of the two characters, along with the typical by-the-book bad guy government agents. What I dislike in some books, is that the government is typically the black hat wearing, menacing bad guys, the book is usually so trite that I don’t care to gets killed or what the prize is that everyone is fighting for.

Great start, but crosses too many genres.  I give two stars.