Monday Book Review: Simply Delicious Vegetarian


From the description:

Create an array of enticing vegetarian dishes to delight your friends and family. Simply Delicious Vegetarian has more than 170 mouthwatering recipes for every occasion such as spicy fusilli, Sicilian eggplant, vegetarian curry and clafoutis with vegetables and cheese. Here you will find everything from nutritious soups, salads, and stir-fries, to hearty pasta, baked, and legume dishes. Each recipe is graded for difficulty, with almost all falling into the first two categories. Each is accompanied by a beautiful color photograph showing exactly how the finished dish will look. Simply Delicious Vegetarian contains traditional and modern recipes all developed by the experienced cookbook author Carla Bardi.

My Take:

Put Carla Bardi’s name on any cookbook and I will probably buy it. Simple Delicious Vegetarian is another of her hits! Simple recipes with vegetables and dairy, a sure way to win converts from heavy meat eating to a more healthy lifestyle. From full color pictures that accompany each recipe to the easy-to-find ingredients, anyone with a rudimentary understanding of preparation and cooking will enjoy any recipe throughout this cookbook.

As you know, the first cookbook I bought as an adult and post-renal transplant was her Vegetarian book from the ‘Little Big Cookbooks”, “The Little Big Vegetarian Book”.  I loved that little cookbook so much, I even scoured online and brick/mortar bookstores as giveaways on previous blog contests and gifts to family and friends.  I know that cookbook front and back-so I was a bit disappointed to discover several recipes from that cookbook in “Simple Delicious Vegetarian” or from one of the other ‘Little Big Cookbooks”.

They are all from the same publishing company, McRae Publishing, Ltd., London, however, ‘Simply’ is from a different imprint, Zak Books whereas ‘Little’ is from the McRae Books imprint. I guess since they are owned by the same parent company, they can borrow recipes back and forth. If you’ve never read the “Little Big cookbooks” then “Simply Delicious Vegetarian” will be a brand new experience for you.

I would give four stars for “Simply Delicious Vegetarian” taking one star for duplicate recipes.

By Brick ONeil

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