Tech Tuesday: How To Submit Comment To FCC Proposed Net Neutrality Rules


In case you’ve lived under a rock, the government, in all it’s wisdom, has approved internet ‘fast lanes’. What this does is allow internet companies to offer ‘tiered internet speeds and pricing levels’ for companies and consumers. Guess who is getting the fast lanes, sweetpea. It’s not you so you can watch American Idle (comment if you get it) and Game of Thrones (be sure to keep plenty of TP on hand-you’ll be sitting a while).

If you want your voice to be heard, follow these directions, courtesy of reddit user, and his instructions, 


  • STEP 2- In the “proceedings Number” field, type 14-28
  • Step 3- Type in your name in the “Name Of Filer” field
  • STEP 4- “Type Of Filing” dropdown should be “COMMENT”
  • STEP 5- Fill out your address.
  • STEP 6 – Open a new Word or TXT document on your computer and type a comment about why you support net neutrality.
  • STEP 7- Attach your document by clicking on the “chose file” button, under the “Document” area.
  • STEP 8 – Type a custom Description like “I support Net Neutrality”
  • STEP 9 – Click “Continue” then verify your submission.
  • STEP 10 – Have A Beer For Supporting Net Neutrality.

By Brick ONeil

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