Tech Tuesday: Amazon Fire 3-D Smartphone

The most anticipated 3-D smartphone has arrived for the masses to purview. Has it lived up to your expectations?  Michael A. Prospero, Reviews Editor over on Fox News Tech has a more in depth analysis than mine, from which I borrowed.  Here are his 7 top features, I paraphrased:

1. Design: it looks like a phone.

2. Camera: it has one, albeit 13 mp.

3. Video and Music: it can play.

4. Customer Support: you can talk to a real person, for free and not be shoved/pawned off to their forums.

5. FireFly: it can recognize anything you take a picture of.

6. Dynamic Perspective: Tracks your face to give you in-depth images from any angle. Creepy.

7. Active Widgets:  active widgets.


Here’s what you want, more technical details via Amazon’s page:

Size 5.5″ x 2.6″ x 0.35″ (139.2mm x 66.5mm x 8.9mm)
Weight 5.64 ounces (160 grams)
Processor 2.2GHz Quad-core Snapdragon 800 CPU, with Adreno 330 GPU and 2GB of RAM
Display 4.7″ HD LCD display, with 1280 x 720 resolution at 315 ppi, 590 cd/m2 brightness (typical), 1000:1 contrast ratio (typical)
Cameras 13 MP rear-facing camera, multi-frame HDR, auto focus, optical image stabilization, f/2.0 5-element wide aperture lens, LED flash
2.1 MP front-facing camera
OS Fire OS 3.5
Storage 32 GB or 64 GB
Cloud Storage Free cloud storage for all Amazon content, and photos taken with Fire phone
Battery Battery size: 2400mAh. Talk time: up to 22 hours; standby time: up to 285 hours. Video playback: up to 11 hours; audio playback: up to 65 hours.
Video recording 1080p HD video recording at 30 fps (front- and rear-facing cameras)
Audio playback Dual stereo speakers with Dolby Digital Plus audio processing

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