Healthy Thursday: Weight Loss Myths


Circuit Machines

Circuit Machines

We’ve all heard them, heart-felt advice, old wives tales: weight loss myths.

There are so many of them out there, some sound and some so off the wall you just laugh. The great people over on Natural Blaze have addressed the top four.

1. The faster you lose your weight, the more weight you will regain later.

2. Setting realistic goals for weight loss ensures a greater degree of success.

3. States of change or degree of readiness are helpful in weight management success.

4. Daily self-weighing interferes with weight loss success.

The article they derived their top 4 myths from also talk about the top 10 presumptions of weight loss, here are the top 5:

  •  Regularly eating (versus skipping) breakfast is protective against obesity.
  • • Eating close to bedtime contributes to weight gain.
  • • Eating more fruits and vegetables will lead to weight loss or less weight gain, regardless of whether one intentionally makes any other changes to one’s behavior or environment.
  • • Weight cycling (i.e., yo-yo dieting) increases mortality rate.

In the article I wrote years ago, How I Lost 41 Pounds, I give the tips I used to lose weight:

  1.  I firmly believe one has to be mentally ready to live a healthier lifestyle.
  2. There are no diets, no gimmicks and no weight loss secrets.
  3. Don’t deny yourself: don’t be a masochist, be smart about eating, though.
  4. Do something that makes you sweat for an extended period of time.  Walking is a great start!

It is a lifestyle commitment to eating better-healthier, exercising and making better choices.