Monday App Review: “WeatherBug” Widget

No Book review-this spring and summer has been busy with healthcare and fighting the housing corporation. So, decided to share what I’ve learned about apps I like/dislike on my old Asus Eee Pas Transformer.  I had been looking for a better weather widget than Asus included in stock. It was buggy, didn’t update when it was supposed to and the manual update didn’t work.  There are a plethora of weather apps and widgets in Google Play, Amazon Apps and other android app stores. Out of all of them, I looked at OK Go, Weather Channel and Weather Bug.

I was looking for a 4×4 weather widget that had temperature, humidity, week-at-a-glance temperatures, an image of what the weather was at that time. OK GO Weather Widget had some nice widgets but of course none of them were compatible with my old Asus. Too bad, because they had coffee images with the weather! Their widget was also a bit small, at 3×2. So that was out.

The Weather Channel offered great lists of what their app could do-but the widget was 2×2, much smaller than what I need. I didn’t want to have to click the icon to open the full page app to get everything I needed. But the app had images, temperatures, radar, and so forth.  Really more than I needed for my purposes. At this point I was getting pretty discouraged about what I had in mind and thought about something simpler.  Afterall, I can just look out the window to see what is going on; it’s not as if I’m in an underground bunker or in a windowless cubicle. So I was thinking simple.

On my ancient tablet, a Compaq TC100, I installed Weatherbug, which shows the current temp in the status bar-and if I need further information, it is just a click away. They have an app on the android stores, so I downloaded and installed. There was a simple 1×1 weather widget to boot!  I love those 1×1 widgets, already having a 1×1 analog clock on the Asus.  Weatherbug’s little widget shows current temp, a current tiny image, high and low temp and the city. And again, if I need more information, it is just a click away! 

By Brick ONeil

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