Tech Tuesday: Windows RT Slips into Obscurity


Windows RT was supposed to usher in the tablet era for Microsoft. But Windows RT has two fatal flaws: it’s missing crucial apps, and it’s poorly designed. Unsurprisingly, the stripped-down operating system failed to take off. (Actually, that’s an understatement: Microsoft took a $900 million write down last year because of awful Surface RT sales, the only mainstream tablet than ran Windows RT.)
The biggest failure of Windows RT was that it took away the single best part of Windows — the fact that it can run just about every app ever created.

Remembering back when Microsoft debuted their poorly thought  out Surface tablets a few years ago, everyone wondered what Microsoft was thinking when they pronounced the arrival of the stripped, barely useful Surface RT.  RT was a stripped-down version of Windows 8, not compatible with anything and couldn’t be used for anything useful.  The software apps available were only in the Microsoft store; just who was the target market for this debacle, anyway?

The Surface RT was underpowered and overpriced (a problem that continues to plague Microsoft, from their TC1000 to the current Surface 3) they share with Nokia the mistaken belief that consumers are willing to fork over 3x the price for their egotistical product that consumers can get for a fraction of the price for a secondary or tertiary name/maker/producer. Then they charge more money for a keyboard cover, that by and large, has been denounced. If you read the business pages at all, Microsoft has taken hit after hit with their surface tablets and unpopular windows 8 OS–RT was quickly swept under the rug, so to speak. 

Hopefully Microsoft is learning, albeit ever-so-slowly, of their mistakes.

By Brick ONeil

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