Monday Book Review: A Lever Long Enough

Apologies for not posting yesterday, was dealing with a surgery and other issues.


Found this book as a freebie. I love all fiction, especially mystery and the cover captured my attention. I don’t mind Religious Fiction, as long as it approaches the plot and characters as a secular novel and doesn’t try to preach at me (the reader), try to convert me or denigrate anyone.

Amy Deardon approaches “A Lever Long Enough” as both mystery and sci-fi, successfully crossing genres with captivating language so as to not confuse or bore the reader. The story starts off a bit slow but she has to explain how time travel works in this plot with giving clues throughout the storylines. Just who are the good guys and who are the bad guys?

Having a degree in Religious Studies myself, I congratulate Amy for successfully describing both modern day times and ancient times-how cultural norms shaped society, how different weather patterns altered culture, how society changes over time.  She has to explain star patterns to discern the place in the timeline. There are really two major plots happening at the same time, two protagonists.  What happens in one timeline affects the other.

The characters are written smartly, none over the top that you find in many of these type of military fictional accounts. What I can’t stand in many of them is what I call “OTTT”: Over The Top Testosterone. Amy balances reality with fiction, creating a smooth transition between timelines.

I wholeheartedly recommend A Lever Long Enough, giving 5 stars.


By Brick ONeil

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