Tech Tuesday: Changing Email


Ah Google-the ubiquitous ‘everything-everywhere-allthetime’ ecosystem/software/OS, everything-to-everybody.

When they first came out people thought that Google was the answer to everything.  Instant email account that was free, easy to set up, easy to add to accounts, newsletters, banks, etc. Then shortened to GMail. I switched as well, ever one of my online accounts, from social media, finances, even my writing business. GMail was bookmarked and set as my homepage on the chrome browser. GMail could not have been more convenient.

But, as well all know, nothing is free in this world. After a year or two, small issues crept up: tales of Google reading all emails to pound you with advertising based on your personal, intimate emails. Advertisments draining the browser’s speed. GMail now was tied to the entire Google ecosystem. After awhile, I noticed my browser (chrome) was bled of speed, my aging computer crept to a close-stop. It became so slow, that I would have to force a cold boot. What changed?

Gmail.  It was time for a change.

Upon researching for a new email account, one of the main issues was snooping through my email and NSA blatantly reading alongside the company. So security and privacy was a big issue. I had thought of Outlook, and tried it for a week or so.  What was a big problem with Outlook was the constant emails about logging in from other computers/tablets/ereaders. I didn’t need that hassle and constantly reaffirming the other logins each and every time.  Also was the constant freezing, locking up and error messages on the outlook app. The MS Outlook ecosystem was riddled with bugs, so much so, they were a hindrance to my writing business.

My new email is, for many reasons.  One is vanity.  You can choose a suffix that suits your business, personality or hobby. Two, is that your emails aren’t read as if someone is over your shoulder, reading along side you.  Three, not as blatant as the others, is the NSA leaves your personal emails alone.  Four, there are unobtrusive notifications of new emails, alongside of a myriad of bonuses, whistles and bells.

Changing your email address on all your online accounts takes time, but I believe this one is worth it.

By Brick ONeil

Author, Researcher, Writer: . Called 'a prolific writer' since 2001, work includes Blogging, Copywriting, Spreadsheets, Research, Proposals, Articles in the fields of real estate, dating, health, fitness, disease, disability, technology and food.

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