Tech Tuesday: Rebranding Internet Explorer

Microsoft Renaming Internet Explorer


Apparently there was a discussion over in Redmond on the Microsoft campus on how to revive the old Internet Explorer web browser. According to BGR , the most bandied about idea was to just rename the browser.  Heated discussion threads ensued and nothing was done.

If Microsoft is serious about reviving I.E., they would do well to just listen to previous users: Don’t make a sucky browser.  WE are leaving in droves to chrome, firefox, even dolphin and tor. Why?

It’s slow. Seriously slow.  Was there anything more frustrating than seeing the blue ‘e’ revolving? Anytime you wanted to open a browser or tab, it had to think about it for about 5 minutes before either granting your request or just refusing.  Which is the next point.

It is buggy. More bugs than a midwest summer evening.  It refused to open pages, or open at all, gave error messages right and left. Links were foreign to it. Since it’s been so long since I used it, I’m sure I’m missing some.

Tech Support was insanely unhelpful.  Try to message someone at Microsoft? You get tossed to the forums, where other users are the tech support. Try to find out why I.E. shouted an error message? You get thrown to the unhelpful, unsupportive forum. Have a question for the forum? You get shouted at for not knowing all the rare, obscure technical terms or little used/understood debugging and get thrown attitude by user-tech-support.

So, Microsoft, the reason people left I.E. in droves, is I.E. and Microsoft suck.

By Brick ONeil

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