Wertfrei Wednesday: #Ferguson’s Tempestuous Days

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I was unsure of today’s topic, having set aside August for back-to-school articles on my Wednesday posts here on brickoneil.com, however, the #Ferguson issue is just so bizarre.   I don’t believe there is enough information to make a valid, logical conclusion one way or the other. Nothing is making sense in the St. Louis suburb from a week ago during the confrontation between Darrin Wilson and Michael Brown.

All I know is the information that has been posted on the twitter feed, #Ferguson.  I haven’t done any in-depth research, nor have I contacted the Police department, Attorney General, Governor, NAACP or any other office or official. From the Twitter feed over the past week, there are some general consensus among sides, on what happened. There are so many questions storming and blowing around that I fear we may never have them resolved.


His parents confirmed he was at the QT convenience store. Video surfaced that he robbed/shoplifted some sort of cigarillos then pushed a clerk. After some time, more of the video surfaced that he paid for the items. Parents confirmed he was at the store but that he didn’t rob or assault the clerk.  What exactly happened? How is this relevant? These are two misdemeanors.

Michael was jaywalking down the middle of a side street in Ferguson. Again, a misdemeanor charge. Then the story gets confusing.


Three sides to what happens next.

Police Officer Wilson orders Michael and friend to the sidewalk. (A) Somewhere along the way, “witnesses” state friend pushes Michael into the police car, grabs for Wilson’s gun, a shot ensues.  (B) Michael lunges for Officer Wilson, assaulting Wilson-causing orbital socket damage and grabs for gun, causing it to fire. Or, (C) An over-reaction on both parties, both being immature young men who have something to prove.

Somehow, Michael is 35 feet from Wilson, then turns around and charges an armed officer, who fears for his life at this point-fires six rounds into the unarmed teenager.


Whatever happened in the Police Officer’s car is the fulcrum point in this whole scenario.  IF Officer Wilson is not guilty of murder, then the Police Department should release either a statement, dash or cop cam of the event. Right now what is being said is hearsay. I realize that Police Departments cannot comment on current investigations but they could have at least stated that from the beginning.

If one of my readers can educate me, how does looting and rioting help bring attention to the unjust killing of Michael? How does that help bring attention to the cause? Because I’m confused. The looting was by a small group unaffiliated with the peaceful protesters but they do get lumped together by the media.

Why was the Police Department’s, Attorney General’s and Governor’s first response to the [largely] peaceful protesters to deploy a militarized swat team response? Even my Veteran Husband of Operations Desert Shield and Storm stated the Ferguson Police had better gear than he did while serving our country. This was an obvious and painful over-response to what should have been a statement responding to the shooting.  As I said in the beginning: both sides have made bad decisions. This is a classic ‘failure to communicate’ on a horrific scale. These are issues I learned in my Communication 101 classes.

I understand the emotion behind the protests, I understand the need for order on the police. What I don’t understand is the Police didn’t just tell the truth from the beginning.  If Officer Wilson is as innocent as they state, why not just say Michael assaulted and caused the orbital blowout-showing some sort of proof? Give some facts, instead of hiding Wilson out of the  state, trying to shut up protesters questions and militarizing the police force? Even if the facts do not support the community’s view of what happened, they are mature enough to handle the facts.  Police, have more faith in your citizens.

Michael’s parents have already said he wasn’t an angel–he was a teenager headed to college.  Yes, he made bad decisions. Yes, he was on pot….And? Pot alone does not explain the alleged claim he was charging at Officer Wilson. Again, a dash-or-cop cam video would be so helpful.  Under what circumstances would Michael have charged the officer?  Why not just Taser him in the beginning?

Police are supposed to use deadly force ‘with extreme prejudice’-meaning as a last resort, not a first contact. The Police’s use of extreme deadly force from day one has resulted in a wider gulf between their community and their department.  Sending State Troopers has helped but still has not answered any questions.

By Brick ONeil

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