Tech Tuesday: Windows 9.0 Threshold

Oops! Microsoft did it again! Did they create another abysmal operating system? 2000? 2005? vista? RT? Metro?/8.0? 8.1? They just never seem to learn. XP is still popular, but M$ isn’t earning money anymore and has been trying to wean users away from the popular OS, through ‘upgrades’ I suspect that are slowing down systems, creating bugs and crashes or dire warnings of a computer apocalypse if users don’t upgrade immediately by forking over hundreds of dollars to the almighty Microsoft.

There are quite a few reviews out there in the webiverse on Threshold, on every single  tech website.  The main thrust, as points out:

According to ZDNET, if the leaks are to be believed, the newest version of the operating system — code named “Threshold” — is expected to have a “Mini-Start” menu, virtual desktops, and the elimination of the Charms bar feature, which has been unsuccessful with users since debuting with Windows 8. It may also include Microsoft’s virtual assistant Cortana for the desktop.

I have read that Microsoft will provide a few more updates to 8.1, trying to appease desktop users who absolutely loathe Metro, to ease them into the new OS, 9.0. Rumors abound that Threshold will hold more appeal to this seemingly unobtainable user base that was Microsoft’s bread and butter.

Time will tell.

By Brick ONeil

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