Tech Tuesday: Untechnical

Old Fashioned Telephone

Ah, technology. We have the internet and billions upon billions of websites to create, peruse, read, sell and buy. Over the 4-day Labor Day weekend I had the idea to put my physical cookbook  (Ultimate Simple Healthy Fresh)  on sale. My goal was to sell all 200 copies and slashed the price by half.  I used ebay’s ‘easy’ and ‘self-creating’ feature. I created the listing, slashed the price by half, attached the paypal and CC account and waiting. Over the four days there were nearly 300 views–but no purchases.

Confused, I scoured my account and discovered a tiny little (1) along a line somewhere on my account. Further research and multiple clicks through the ebay website, I discovered that the listing was never able to be purchased.  How in the world was I going to discover that with one teeny tiny little number 1 hidden in the middle of some account page?

Some websites, I swear, make it as difficult as possible to muddle through, with no email links to customer service, only phone numbers that either no one answers or someone who doesn’t speak english answers.  And it’s not only ebay–nearly every single business does this. As you know, i’m nearly deaf and cannot hear on phones. Many businesses do not provide email addresses or phone numbers for the deaf/HOH, leaving us to beg family and friends to call for us and relay messages in real time.

So, I wish ebay had let me know, in 24-font letters warning me of some problem with my account, instead of leading me to believe in a fools paradise I was going to be selling.

So, about that cookbook…

By Brick ONeil

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