Healthy Thursday: Healthy on a Budget

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Eating healthy on a budget, while having health issues-ie: diabetes, heart disease, organ transplant, etc, can be difficult but attainable.  A few hints and tips I’ve followed throughout my “Simple Healthy Fresh” cookbook series are, in fact, simple.

Increase low-carb and low-starch vegetables. Increase your intake of ‘free foods for diabetics’:

Eggplant is one. Now, don’t wrinkle that nose, eggplant is what I call a neutral vegetable, meaning it can take on any flavor and be in any dish you can think of.

Soups and salads are your friend. These can be made out of anything-especially those ‘free foods’ I mentioned earlier (including eggplant) like celery, onion, all cabbages, greens, cucumber, mushroom, radish, zucchini. With small additions of other items you can have ratatouille, gazpacho, spring/fall/winter/summer soups.

Salads for lunch, snack or dinner: Be creative with salads and ingredients. Make a slaw out of green and red cabbage-grate or use a mandoline for ultra small dice. Add celery seed, dried fruit and some flavored vinegar for a treat! There are so many healthy options for a  green salad-curly leaf, butter, bib, spinach.  A few popular salads in my household are Fennel and Apple Salad, Mediterranean Salad with zucchini-yellow squash-black olives  and White Spinach Salad.

Cabbages and other greens. Add spinach, any type of kale (blue, curly, etc) add to soups, pastas, eggs, tomato sauces and creams for flavor, color and bulking up a dish.  You get additional vitamins and minerals to boot.

Be smart about carbs, use brown pastas, flour and rice as much as possible. Although still high in carbs, they are much lower than their white counterparts, they have a slightly higher fiber count that you can subtract from the carb count. If using a white pasta or rice, increase the low-carb vegetables to lower the carb count.

Read the free extended introduction to the cookbook, “Ultimate Simple Healthy Fresh Cookbook” on the left margin, a free download for you.


By Brick ONeil

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