Wertfrei Wednesday: Population Density

Population density is a term that expresses how crowded (or uncrowded) a particular piece of land is. Governments keep track of population density so that the people in charge have an idea of how many citizens live in a particular area and can provide services accordingly.

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I’ve lived in Belltown, Seattle, WA for going on seven years in January ’15. When I moved here, it was quaint, a bit rustic and not very popular.  Fast forward to today and there have been an overgrowth of skyscraper condominiums in this tiny patch of concrete jungle. What I’m concerned about with the population density that is coming is what is associated with it. Increased crime (although Belltown hasn’t always been policed in the past-it is better), tempers flaring, lack of parking-many of the new condominiums do not require parking for their tenants, which means the few paid street parking will be even less available.

Another reason i’m concerned about the population density explosion that is coming is how can this tiny patch of Seattle support the increase of people? What about sewage? Fresh water? Sustainable living? There will be more people living verticle in each single building that are in some small towns in Washington State.  Where will the energy come from to support all these buildings?  Will there be solar energy? Wind power? Other alternate energy sources? The US simply cannot rely on coal, oil and water powered electricity anymore. Talk about antiquated technology.  Too bad green energy is illegal in Washington State.

I’m wondering what happened to the planning and zoning office, did the buildings do any impact studies? Were the applications rubber stamped?  So many questions.  What about the population density of your area?

By Brick ONeil

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