Tech Tuesday: Windows 9….10

From the Verge Live Coverage

“We’re delivering one application platform.” You’ll get rid of XP, dammit!

“One store, one way for applications to be discovered, purchased, and updated across all of these devices.” To cut pirating.

“Windows 10 will be our most comprehensive platform, ever.” SO it’ll crash across all devices at the same rate?

“One of the most important customers for Windows is the enterprise.” I thought it was people?

“I have a Windows desktop, down here I have a taskbar. When I click the Start icon I get the Start Menu.” And here’s a toaster, here’s coffee.

“We’re looking to find the balance, so that all the Windows 7 users get a familiar experience on the devices they already have.”

There’s a me tile on the Start Menu, pinned apps and options to shutdown and restart.

Kind of what I showed you last week.

“The tiles and icons that are shown are a blend of classic apps and new universal apps.” Because we’re too lazy to code something productive.

“As users start using these apps they should just feel familiar and work in a way you’d expect with a mouse and keyboard.” hmmm…

There’s multiple desktops at the bottom of the interface, and when you launch task view it shows all the apps that are currently open. (wasn’t that Windows 7?)

There’s a new “Snap Assist” UI at the side where you can grab apps from multiple desktops.

“You can now paste in directories into command prompt with Ctrl+V. FINALLY.” We dont need no stinking users!

By Brick ONeil

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