Wertfrei Wednesday: Gay Marriage Rulings

What a year 2014 has been for Gay Marriage. Total number of states that allow Gay Marriage stands at 30! While the United States Supreme Court has not ruled a nationwide law allowing marriage for gays and lesbians, they have upheld states’ rulings that discrimination against gay marriage is unlawful. I could say, ‘It’s about time!’, the ruling should have been made decades ago. They only go with the whim of the people, not with the anti-gay, close-mindedness of the states’ christian politicians and representatives.

America is realizing, albeit slowly, that gays and lesbians desire the same ‘pursuit of happiness’ that begins the same way: law-sanctioned legal marriage for their fellow tax paying citizens. The same legalities, protections, laws and responsibilities that they have been enjoying for hundreds of years, that they take advantage of without blinking or thinking twice.

No more do gay and lesbian couples have to write powers-of-attorney, same-sex wills or hospital disclosure legal paperwork. No more secondary child rearing or protection orders for a spouse to take guardianship of a child upon the death of the primary adoption caretaker or parent. Children will be able to remain in a loving, stable home from now on, legally.

I am happy I am alive to see this dream come alive for my fellow gay and lesbians, I did foresee a time 30 and even 20 years ago that marriage would be legal. But there are still 20 states to go. I can see a time when the U.S. Supreme court passes  a law banning discrimination against gay marriage nationwide.  It’s coming.