Tech Tuesday: Win 10 Snagged 10 Million People



according to Microsoft, its Windows Insider Program hit one million registrants over the weekend, giving a lot of potential users access to the latest build of its next-gen operating system. Joining the Windows Insider Program doesn’t necessarily translate to an installed preview, but it is the only way to get access to Windows 10 currently. While it’s not clear how many of those millions have installed the OS, Microsoft says it has received over 200,000 pieces of feedback through Windows’ native feedback application.

Microsoft has reason to believe that most of that feedback is from extensive use, not just folks dipping their toe in the OS: its stats indicate that less than half of all installs are running on virtual machines, meaning most of its users installed Windows 10 natively.

To whet your whistle, here is some of the review from

Fresh start

Boot up a PC running the Windows 10 Technical Preview, and you’ll be dropped off at the oh so familiar desktop. A taskbar with familiar looking icons sits on the bottom, and the recycle bin sits in the upper left corner. A build number sitting on the right side of your desktop is the only indication that this isn’t Windows 8 all over again.

And then you press the Start button, and are greeted by the return of the Start menu. It’s a proper Start menu too, with your apps all stacked in that endless column of nested folders we’ve all been scrolling since Windows 95. And sitting alongside that column are Windows 8’s lovely Live Tiles, with news-bites and social updates spinning ad infinitum.

Old is new again

With Windows 10, the familiar and the new are mashed together in a form that’s only a little different, but suddenly more useful than ever before. You can have your Start menu, with familiar apps and services that you can pin to a list. And I can have my Live Tiles in a form that actually makes sense: informative nuggets of information feeding me calendar information, the status of my inbox, and social network updates, called up unobtrusively with the press of the Windows key. Press those Live Tile shortcuts, and the “Modern” apps open as classic windowed apps. You can drag them around, snap them to half of your display, or minimize and maximize them at will.

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