Wertfrei Wednesday: Dreams

Every now and then I have a dream so detailed, I actually remember them the next day. Some go on forever, some are bizarre and some are surreal.  Here are a few:

Had another dream last night: I was visiting my grandparents, who had a shingle or shed style home. I was staying in a guest room, built off the main building, with windows on all three walls. The walls were a butter cream, with white sheers on the window. In the dream, I was sleeping and heard the tell-tale sounds of a tornado, the siren/freight train and started waking up-in the in between dream/awake state (in the dream) I could hear my grandparents and other guests they must have had, screaming and running throughout their home. Next was a tornado siren, mixing with the tornado siren/freight train sound, making an awful din-finally my ear drums popped. I popped out of bed but was thrown to the floor, feeling the tornado vacuuming up everything. Everything went silent, I arose from the floor and opened up the door. THe rest of the house was gone. Such a bizarre dream.

Here’s another I had recently:

Dreamt about a house last night. All I saw was the Master Bedroom, it was a 3rd story suite in a large house, it had quite a massive circular staircase, on on one side there was a 15-20 foot bay window that jutted out, set in the middle of the room was a super king size modern four poster bed, in the bay window were two large white or cream modern armless chairs. The view was the tops of trees and in the distance was some city. It was night and all the city’s lights sparkled and winked in the background. There were light wood dressers and chests throughout the bedroom, all shellacked, gleaming in low-hung miniature chandeliers. The chandeliers were spread evenly on the sides of the room, each of the two walls were window-walls, with chaises or other chairs with small tables. Behind the circular staircase was ground-to-rooftop glass wall,, thick and must have been energy efficient, because the house felt warm, with no draft. The master bedroom floor was bamboo or bamboo look-alike, under the bed was some sort of rug, but not an oriental design. There was a master bathroom, and closet beyond an arched door on the other side of the staircase railing, in the corner. The house must have been remote because there wasn’t any lights from neighbors through any of the windows, just more trees. I could see a clearing on one side of the house, which must have been the front and there was acreage spreading out beyond trees on another side of the house. All I wanted to do was stare out the window and look at the city’s sparkling, gleaming lights.

More odd: Woke from a dream. The Dali Lamas was walking and talking with me after some natural disaster. I was distraught, losing all my belongings. He held my shoulders, looked me in my eyes and said “When you have nothing, it is only then you can give everything.”

Dreaming of a sultry jazz singer: Had a wonderful dream last night: I was walking along a ‘music row’ somewhere, out of a R&B or Jazz club I could hear a woman’s soulful, deep and moving rendition of ‘Over the Rainbow”. Woke with a smile.

I’ll leave you with those for now. Share your dreams in the comments!



By Brick ONeil

Author, Researcher, Writer: . Called 'a prolific writer' since 2001, work includes Blogging, Copywriting, Spreadsheets, Research, Proposals, Articles in the fields of real estate, dating, health, fitness, disease, disability, technology and food.

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