Tech Tuesday: Carvey 3D Carver


Home and Office 3D printers are coming out of the woodwork, that you can now carve, thanks to Carver’s 3D Carver!

A new kickstarter campaign to bring a 3D carver that works with any material, apparently, according to the information.

What is Carvey?

Carvey is a 3D carving machine that allows you to make quality objects out of a variety of materials including wood, metal and plastic. Using Carvey and our free design software, you can make your idea a reality in three easy steps. First, design your product using our software, next choose your material, then click carve. Carvey will cut your design, giving you the power of creation right from your tabletop. Carvey is the next step in 3D manufacturing.

Carvey works with dozens of materials, including:

  • Hardwoods like walnut, maple, and mahogany
  • Softwoods like pine and balsa
  • Cork
  • Plywoods and MDF
  • Soft metals including aluminum, copper, brass, silver and gold
  • Circuit boards
  • Plastics like acrylic, HDPE, Delrin, Corian and PVC
  • Waxes and foams
  • Carbon fiber
  • Linoleum and other stamping materials

Carvey comes with Easel, our free design software that lets you design in 2D and view in 3D, instantly. What you see on the screen is what you get from the machine.

Easel runs in a web browser and controls Carvey. With it you can carve your own design, a design you’ve imported, or a file from our library of projects that other Easel users have created and shared.

Easel isn’t the only software that works with Carvey.  You can also use your favorite CAD, CAM, and machine control software to have Carvey carve out complex 3D shapes.


By Brick ONeil

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