Monday Book Review: A Good Clean Murder

Found on the Kindle store free.

Good Clean Murder: A Plain Jane Mystery by Traci Tyne Hilton

Posting a day late, could not access the kindle page, don’t know what is going on, they are not resonding to inquiries.

Book Description

January 6, 2014
Hardworking and hungry Bible school student Jane Adler cleans houses to make ends meet. But finding the money to pay for the last semester of school is the least of her problems when she uncovers a body in her boss’s bed!
My Take:
A little saccharine, a little too preachy and a little too wishy-washy. Although well-written, the religious parts don’t have anything to do with the murders, they do show how the character let’s herself be walked on by everyone, claiming it’s God’s will and what “Jesus would do”. She doesn’t stick up for herself, lets former roommates, school administrators and clients talk down to her, make assumptions and treat her like dirt; all the while smiling and giving herself bible verses to keep herself kowtowed.
Hilton’s Mitzy Neuhaus Mysteries are fun, sassy reads with strong females, so unlike these Plain Jane Mysteries. The setting is a seemingly small town with a Bible College where missionaries study to go abroad. We are treated to a missionary fair where, apparently, the character can’t even get the type of missionary position she wants, long-term verses short-term. What this has to do with the plot, other than get her alone with the forbidden professor, (a relationship where she is blamed and banned, further cementing her wimp status).
Hilton does make her smart enough to investigate the murders in a client’s home, but leaves her at the whims and wiles of the clients’ aunt, son and daughter.  She does show initiative in investigating hints, following clues and talking to suspects. However, the major flaws are too big to overlook the fast paced writing.
I would give 1 star.

By Brick ONeil

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