Monday Book Review: Naked Hero

Naked Hero – The Journey Away

by J.K. Brighton


Short Book Description

August 31, 2013
‘Naked Hero’ is the story of Lewis Macleod’s search for the elusive perfect man as he battles with the adversities of life. Told in two parts, the first ‘The Journey Away’ is set in Melbourne and Sydney during the Australian Open tennis tournament where Lewis is competing as the only openly gay man in the sport.
Eighteen months after claiming the Wimbledon title at the tender age of 21, Lewis’s life has spiralled out of control: his career in decline and his love life a mess. With the tennis establishment against him and the tabloids scenting blood, Lewis’s motivation is at an all time low. But two men are in Australia who will turn things around.
My Take:
Awful, slow, plodding, much introspection by characters.
Found the writing juvenile, the plot unbelievable and could not finish after fifty pages or so.  Too many words written when half could do in most sentences. Yes, the author knows how to string words together but one shouldn’t do it just to prove it.
Could not identify with the characters, they come off as spoiled and entitled. Writing is so stilted I cringed after each sentence. Brighton needs to loosen up a bit with dialogue, cut back on exposition, show the reader, don’t tell.
Cannot even finish this review of the book, I want to bleach my brain after reading Naked Hero.

By Brick ONeil

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