Tech Tuesday: 75 awesome apps via Google

Was just looking for a roundup of 2014’s best Android Apps the other day, because you know every tech site on earth will be posting their version of top apps. Perusing through this list and looks like most of them are apps i’ll never use, like TV/Video apps-honestly, I’m way too busy to waste time watching shows or movies or watching my friends’ reactions to shows or movies. The only time I take photos is for my cookbooks or my cookbook web pages and I don’t need 114 different apps to capture food. Being nearly deaf, I don’t listen to music anymore so these three sections are basically useless to me. Really don’t use a lot of social apps due to above reason. I’ve found people really don’t interact at all on social apps anyway. Too poor to travel but for the 1%, here you go…


It’s December, which means that it’s also time for everyone to start making their year-end lists of all the best things that came out in 2014. Google has gotten off to a quick start and has posted a huge list of 75 different Android apps that it thinks are 2014’s very best and they offer a huge variety in terms of functionality that will help you get the most out of your Android device.

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