Tech Tuesday: Microsoft Phone’s Terrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day

Microsoft tried so hard to enter, take over the smartphone market and beat Apple to try and become the number one handset seller in the world. Well, the world handed their bottom line back to them on a silver platter. Microsoft worked from the inside to crash Nokia, all to take control of the handset the Norwegian company was famous. The first thing the software giant did was to bury Symbian and all other software Nokia was using, next they filled the famous hardware with Microsoft’s buggy and unpopular hardware that didn’t run anything nor did it accept other apps.


According to The Information, Microsoft this week will show off “a single code base inside the software that will allow an app to run well on phones, tablets and PCs, as opposed to being optimized for one screen size.” This is a big deal because while Windows Phone doesn’t have a strong app developer base, the desktop version of Windows absolutely does. So in theory, anyone who makes software and applications for Windows should soon be able to make Windows Phone apps with ease.

The Information also writes that Microsoft is planning on unveiling a new product this week in the form of “a phone-laptop hybrid” that’s designed to appeal to enterprise users but that likely won’t be available for a while.

Microsoft did themselves a disservice by doing a hostile takeover of Nokia and Nokia, in turn, was shortsighted by not listening to users that the software needed improvement for their awesome handsets. Microsoft’s MO of hostile takeovers to add to their arsenal of companies was in poor taste, that even I could see coming when Elop was hired as the CEO.

Now Microsoft is feeling the fruits of their labors. Poor sales, poor adoption by users, unpopular apps and software that is incompatible with any other phone on the market.


By Brick ONeil

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