Healthy Thursday: Government Flummoxed by Cause of Type 2 Diabetes

This is the best pyramid for diabetics I have ever found! Via

The United States Government has many heads, one is saying American’s are far too fat and developing Diabetes Type 2 at an ‘Alarming rate’:

“These new numbers are alarming and underscore the need for an increased focus on reducing the burden of diabetes in our country,” said Ann Albright, who directs the division of diabetes translation at the CDC. “Diabetes is costly in both human and economic terms. It’s urgent that we take swift action to effectively treat and prevent this serious disease.”

The CDC makes its estimates based on a national sample of Americans, who are asked whether they have been diagnosed with diabetes and who also give blood samples.

Another head is secretly giving government subsidies, grants, lower tax brackets to farming conglomerates that grow foods that are harmful for Americans, secreting these foods to the same Americans they are browbeating for having Diabetes. You can’t have it both ways.

You, as an American, can do something to thwart the Government from giving you Diabetes. Even if you have Diabetes, you can lower the harmful effects, even may reverse it. How? By the same hard work that our forefathers built this Nation.

Tips on what to eat and manage Diabetes from WebMD:


Carbs give you fuel. Avoid: Carbohydrates are mainly found in the following food groups:

  • Fruit
  • Milk and yogurt
  • Bread, cereal, rice, pasta
  • Starchy vegetables like potatoes, corn, and beans


Fiber comes from plant foods. It helps with digestion and blood sugar control. Fiber also makes you feel fuller, so you eat less, which is a plus if you need to lose weight.


Diabetes makes you more likely to get heart disease. So limiting fat, especially saturated fat and artificial trans fats, is key.

The main sources of saturated fats are cheese, beef, milk, and baked items.


Diabetes makes you more likely to get high blood pressure. Too much salt can add to that risk. Use herbs and spices to avoid salt in your diet.

I discuss this more in my free introduction to my cookbook, The Ultimate Simple Healthy Fresh Cookbook, found on my website.

This is one of the best food pyramids for Diabetics to follow that I have ever seen, from 

The Simple Healthy Fresh suggestions:

Go ahead and tank up on all those low-carb, low-starch vegetables! Only eat whole wheat breads, grains, rices-not ‘brown colored-white flour’ that fool you. Good-for-you grains are Barley, Bulgar, Farro, Teff. If you have to have rice, make it a black wild rice or a whole grain brown and wild mix. And pay strict attention to PORTION SIZE!!  Incorporate as many leafy greens into your diet, as I’ve said many times before. Why? LEAFY GREENS EAT FAT! Fibrous foods eat fat as well. And yes, you still have to exercise each day-aerobic+strength training!

Look up diabetic friendly cookbooks (see my book reviews for several I have posted), my cookbook is well within the allowed diabetic and heart health rules.

By Brick ONeil

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