Tech Tuesday: Scarcity of Humans


Well, it’s getting closer and closer! Humans out of any type of service, health or food worker jobs. Machines are getting cheaper, faster and don’t complain about hazards, health care or hours. No overtime gripes, no sexual harassment claims, no personal time. This is an employer’s dream come true.

I’ve brought you stories like this many times before, fast food workers replaced by computer screens, kiosks and robot arms. Long before this, though, auto workers were replaced by machines, robot arms and metal riveters. No longer were rosie the riveter baring their biceps or joe the journeyman rocking that hardhat.

Workers have complained, striked and walked off their jobs, doing unions dirty work so much, so frequently and so loudly, that employers are just buying machines to do their work. And it’s catching on. Soon there will not be any humans in service provider positions anywhere. You’ll punch a screen for that burger/chicken/tofu.  Your elderly parents, or you, will punch a screen to help you to the toilet, take a shower or shave.

Much change is coming and not all to benefit the most of humanity.