Healthy Thursday: Essential Men’s Health Tests




There are tests each Man needs to get but may not know which ones and why. Here is a list to take with you to the next Doctor’s appointment:

1. Get checked for Testicular Cancer in your teens and twenties. That is the age group most likely to develop that particular cancer.

2. Blood Cholesterol and Pressure checks at least once per year. High blood sugars/cholesterol and high blood pressure are preventable deaths. Ask your Doctor to check yours at least once per year, what numbers you should be shooting for and how to live healthier.

3.  All men starting at age 50 should undergo screening for colorectal cancer. Yes, it’s uncomfortable but your health is worth more than a few minutes of embarrassment to you.

4. Speaking of discomfort, yes, you have to get your prostate examined starting at age 40. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer that men get, second to colorectal cancer.

These, along with other regular health screenings will keep you around longer to enjoy your family, friends, hobbies, hearth and home.

Specific Cancer associations and foundations are highlighted.