Wertfrei Wednesday: When Technology Listens Back


More and more each day we learn some new piece of technology is either listening or watching us back. Technology manufacturers are blamed for some virus, bug or spyware that looks as if it were deliberately included in the tv, computer, smartphone that we purchase. Some say it was the government that demanded the virus/bug/spyware be included so that some big ‘underground’ government department that ‘no one knows about’ can listen in on each conversation, whether or not the phone is turned on or call is being made.

I don’t doubt that any of this is true, I believe most governments do spy on their subjects, to test for loyalty. But here in America, I also truly believe we have a fundamental right to privacy. We have a right to have private conversations with our loved ones, to walk nude in our own homes without fear our tv’s and computers are watching every ounce of fat jiggle.

We wonder what has happened to America, however, all we have to see is what laws are getting passed right under our twinkie polished noses. Education is getting dumbed down to the lowest common denominator, hard science is replaced by fairy tales and wishful thinking, math is so confusing causing PTSD in children. Politicians are using scare-mongering to kowtow the populace into ridiculous laws and regulations, oftentimes against their own best interests.

What will be the tipping point at which everyday Americans say enough is enough?