Monday Book Review: Little Guides Grills and Roasts


Grills & Roasts Paperback – 2005 by Little Guides (Author)

From the book:

Grills & Roasts, Delicious recipes for steaks, chops, ribs, and more.

How do you roast the perfect chicken, grill mouth-watering steaks, or barbecue succulent pork ribs? Cooking with meat can be a challenge for even the most experienced cooks. Grills & Roasts provides a wide range of recipes for your oven and your grill, together with appealing photographs. From simple, barbecued corn-on-the cob to chicken cassoulet and tandoori lamb, this book has recipes for any occasion.

My Take:

As you know, I love The Little Guides cookbooks, having reviewed most of them. As a group, they do have a tendency to use expensive ingredients and some that are native to a more European audience.  Having said that, the recipes themselves are easy to follow, ingredients can be substituted with ease with meats, vegetables, herbs and spices in your area.  I always say a recipe is a blueprint-you can change at will.

Having said that, the Marinades and Sauces chapter is a godsend!  All those secret, special sauces, dips, marinades you love in one convenient cookbook. I keep this one handy, in case I need something for an emergency and is flavorful. There are nine chapters, including the marinades and sauces, covering almost all major meats, except for goat, but i’m almost certain you could use the lamb chapter recipes.

There are a variety of recipes for all types of grilling, roasting, baking of all types of meats and seafoods. None are complicated, nor need any specialized knowledge. If you can turn on a stove, you can use this book. I give 5 stars.

By Brick ONeil

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