Tech Tuesday: Blackberry Leap and Curve

Bless Blackberry’s corporate heart.  They certainly aren’t going down without a fight these days. Long wanting to recapture their youth, they have put forth a plethora of new smartphones in every budget and range. The two I’ll show you are the Leap and Curve.

They are calling the Leap an entry-level smartphone for young up-and-comers, at $275. According to the landing site, Blackberry Leap, the specs look pretty generic, in a pretty generic box-like phone, that everyone on earth is making.  The Leap has all the features that everyone else has, security, on-screen keyboard (that I personally hate), all-day battery life, a message notification system-the blackberry hub, their own personal text and voice assistant, ‘fast web browsing’. The Leap isn’t a big knock-out phone like the passport I showed you last year, but has all the basic features.

Now, there is the second, more impressive smartphone I want to show you, the Blackberry Curve!

BlackBery Curve 9220 smartphone dimensions

The Curve has the smart looking curving front, like the samsung galaxy 6 but without the beveled edge. The curve has dedicated media keys, fm radio, long lasting battery life, touting their blackberry OS 7.1 with mobile hotspot.  They aren’t posting a price or what really stands out with the Curve, but you can be sure I’m keeping an eye out.

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