Wertfrei Wednesday: Cops Are People Too


I can’t imagine a job more frustrating than that of a Police Officer. You start off with all these ideals of what an Officer is or should be, you go through school, then training and graduate. Your first job may not be ideal, “paying your dues”, in high crime areas or high degree of offenses from the public.

More and more we’re seeing more and more Americans against Officers. Protests, rallying cries of alleged abuse by the Police, people lie to you day in and day out. And typically there’s nothing you can do. You have to be nursemaid, counselor, peace negotiator and a myriad of other roles and hats during your different shifts and neighborhoods.

There are more people behind Officers, that still have respect for the Badge, the Man or Woman behind the uniform. We are silently applauding you and encouraging you during your working hours. We know better than to just come up to you but know you are wanted and loved. The ones that are loud, obnoxious and protesting are but a vocal minority, out to cause a scene, not really understanding the slightly misunderstood message they are shouted.

So keep on serving and protecting, all you Officers.  We got your back.