8 Days Until the Wedding

Got this simple rose gold 2mm band to wear behind the "Intention" tri-band ring bf gave me at our 1st anniversary.

BF finally found a minister we both like, application and fee paid, which was about the same price as the tuxedos, good lord. But, after two previous ministers backed out, we’re lucky to get one at all this late. Our friend, let’s call him “Snowflake”, over-promised what his minister friend would/could do. That wasted about 5 months of him promising over and over she would do it.  Live and learn.

We’ve got the license application printed and will hand in tomorrow, so we’ll be legal. Changing the time at Sculpture park for 5:15 pm, to keep the numbers consecutive like the BF wants, 5/15/15 at 5:15 pm. BF has about 400 people coming (ok, not really, more like the 6 or 8 of our 10-person limit) and no one can make it on my side. I open-called across social media and no one took me up on it. Not surprising, as no one ever took me up on my Wine Parties the previous six years.

BF is still coordinating with the Boat rental people for decorations, flowers, appetizer trays, wine, etc.  We’re bringing champagne and OJ so the group will sip Mimosas and watch the sunset. That was a bundle so it better be perfect.  So the checklist is getting smaller of things we need for the wedding!

In other news, we have two apartment inspections this month, one for HUD and one for the corporation that owns the building. Found a new oven cleaner made by the same company that makes Goop Off.  It really works as advertised, no smell, no harmful chemicals, use on a cold oven. Could not be easier.

By Brick ONeil

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