Day Before the Wedding


All our ducks are lined up for the Wedding tomorrow! We heard from the Minister and read the script he’ll use tomorrow, minus our ‘secret’ vows to each other and special memories, so we’ll be surprised at/for each other. The Minister also found us a photographer who promises to take lots of pictures, she’ll even put us in her portfolio. My missing tooth and all. If you find it after I post it, I’ll send a free Rose Petal Pepper with any other Red Pepper Rd. Spice Co. Order!

We took our guest, BF’s friend from PA, Ann, to Pike Place Market. Since there was so much to show her, we took her to shops she’d like.  She took a lot of pictures of Pike Brewery, bought a small totem from the Native American shop, since she’s Native American. She loved the Hat Shop and we all had fun trying on crazy hats. She took a lot of pics of Elliott Bay from the back of the Market, then he took her to the music shop on the second level. I waited on the stairs and got lots of eye candy.  Must’ve been a bodybuilder convention because there were a plethora of hunks wandering around in packs.

We stopped by our fav veggie vendor and talked to Swan, one of the friendly bearded guys and chatted for quite a long time while we were getting our low-carb veggies. They are all just sweethearts there—tell em Brick ONeil sent you.

For our guest, i’m making my “Simple Healthy Fresh” Low-Carb Penne and Mushroom Cheese Sauce. Yes, the one I gave away a few months ago all over social media when Kraft’s was recalled.

Less than 24 hours until the wedding!

By Brick ONeil

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